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11/22/63 - Stephen King

4.5 30 CDs. Phew.The conventional wisdom is that the love story carries this book, but I didn't think so. The half star deduction was for our hero's screamingly dull love interest and some draggy parts in the middle where he bounced back and forth between bird dogging Lee Harvey and puttin' on a talent show. Twice. What I loved was going back to the late 50s/early 60s with a 2012 sensibility. It was irresistible to drive around in a '54 Ford Sunliner convertible with no seat belts, no one else on the road and Buddy Holly on the radio. With a handy portal so I could get back to my family, 21st century medicine, gender and racial advances and my computer, I'd go too. I knew what was coming, the book had to end the way it did, so I wasn't at all disappointed, but don't expect to learn anything new or profound about the assassination. King is 99% sure about how it happened and doesn't waste a lot of time considering other theories. It made no difference to me, though. The book really isn't about who killed JFK, but about memory, free will, inevitability and love. The kids from It were a nice touch, too. All in all, good job, Steve.