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Winter's Tale - Mark Helprin, Oliver Wyman The book gets 5 stars, the audiobook gets 1.Go buy the print book, but do NOT listen to this sing-song, idiotic, evisceration of a truly splendid novel. The only way the narrator could be worse is if he dressed up in purple tights and sang it to a Gilbert and Sullivan score. What a horrible disappointment. What on earth possessed BBC Audiobooks America?Publisher's Weekly agrees:"Issued on audio for the first time to celebrate the 25th anniversary of its publication, this version of Helprin's classic novel is a huge disappointment. Helprin's book is one of the great works of American fiction of the last quarter-century and a classic New York novel, but Oliver Wyman reads it as if it were a bedtime story for children. Playing up the whimsy of Helprin's urban fantasy, Wyman entirely misunderstands the nature of the book, which is more philosophical than fanciful, and with a sense of imagination not childish but deeply adult. Not grasping these facts, Wyman treats the book as a New York Harry Potter, and the result is a mess unworthy of this great book."