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Just Like Someone Without Mental Illness Only More So: A Memoir - Mark Vonnegut 4.5Written in entertaining short segments (just like dad), this is the other bookend to Eden Express, where we get to find out what happened to the hippie, schizophrenic pediatrician with the famous father. The book isn't a masterpiece like his first book -- it's reflective, rather than raw -- the book of a 60 year old, who has lived through another 30 productive years of mental maintenance, illness, alcoholism and health. The two books should be slip-cased together and given to anyone wants to know, not only what mental illness is like, but what the Sixties were like and how it nurtured, pummeled and continues to define one of its very bright, intermittently psychotic children. IMO, Mark Vonnegut captured that time better than any other writer. His story is still compelling, his thoughts on medicine, education and the health care industry are caustic and astute and if he meanders now and then into the odd incongruous thought or a clump of poisonous mushrooms, it illuminates more than it detracts.