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Stroke- It Couldn't Happen to Me: One Woman's Story of Surviving a Brain-Stem Stroke (Patient Narratives) - Margaret Cromarty, Derick Wade For poetry, beautiful writing and awe at the determination it took to blink out an entire book, read The Diving Bell and the Butterfly. For families and friends of brain stem stroke survivors, or just to learn what it's like for an ordinary, 'bloodyminded', irritable, intelligent, articulate woman to go through much the same thing, read this. It's repetitive in places and could use some careful editing, but this is a useful and illuminating first person account. Not exactly great literature, but compelling:"I learned later that the doctors expected that I would die. They made a poor attempt at concealing this expectation. They discussed me over me. I was dismayed at the negative vibes they exuded each time they came to see me. I felt that they had written me off already. Of course they can have had little idea of how their behaviour affected me. I just lay there, seemingly unresponsive, just existing, unable to enlighten them as to what was going on inside my head."-- Margaret Cromarty