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My Sister, My Love: The Intimate Story of Skyler Rampike - Joyce Carol Oates Repetitive, intermittantly hilarious, corrosive as battery acid, My Sister, My Love is JonBenet Ramsey's story, told by Burke Ramsey, thinly disguised as 'Skyler Rampike' with the author herself lurking around the edges of the narrative. If the solution in the book is correct, then 5 stars for the clever Ms Oates and I'm not going to Hell for laughing like a loon at one of the funeral scenes. If she's wrong, then 3 very mean spirited bitchy stars and a wish for 150 fewer pages.**Yes, I know that 19 year old basket case Skyler is not always entirely lucid and an amateur writer, but how many references to Betsey's creamy anatomy and her daughter's white eyelet peekaboo underwear does the reader need, anyhow?