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House Lust: America's Obsession With Our Homes - Daniel McGinn I should love this thing -- we've spent the past 3 years bubble-sitting, trawling zillow.com and waiting for this house mania to end. But this book suffers from a depressing lack of self-awareness and the author's attempts at humor are grating and mostly unsuccessful. In fact, his commiseration with the McMansion set's preoccupation with size, amenities and trendiness makes me want to find an acre somewhere at the butt end of nowhere and live in a one room yurt.Edited to add: on reflection, I think my review was a little unfair. The author is certainly more sympathetic to the subject than I am, but my knee jerk response was to lay all the blame at the mahogany and leaded glass door of the messenger. There really is a bunch of decent information in the book, so ...a 5K kickback and a widescreen TV to the author at closing (and one more star).