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Blood Trail - C.J. Box No one writes Wyoming like C.J. Box. Curling up with one of his books is like getting in out of the wind, he gets the people and the places just right and you can almost smell the sage as you turn the pages. So why only two stars? 1. We get it, Mr. Box. You. Don't. Like. Animal. Rights. Activists. Enough, already! Look, I laughed when the tree spiker wound up in the tree in the beginning of Out of Range, and for a book or two it was fun, but seriously, it's time to skip the needle over a track. Wyoming is full of better songs.2. Nate. I don't want to give away anything, but yeeesh. He was always a frightening character, but has prison drained the poor man of all complexity? Is he going to be just a thug with birds? Can't you give him some incense, or a prayer bell, or something. 3. Who dunnit was obvious miles before it should've been. [...and the resolution itself was tortured and artificial. Without spoilers, I think I can say that boatloads of bad movies and TV movies of the week have been made with this plot device. It isn't new, interesting or believable.]Hope the next one's better because normally I really like this guy.