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Death in a Prairie House: Frank Lloyd Wright and the Taliesin Murders - William R. Drennan A riveting, read in two sittings book, but not a great book. It was a more sympathetic portrait of Wright than I expected and yet there seemed to be a lot of (academic?) agenda simmering just underneath the narrative. There's quite a bit of pursed lip head shaking, tsk tsk-ing and vaguely pejorative characterizations of other accounts of the crime, the murderer and his motives. I kept hoping he'd expand or include some primary sources, like court transcripts or witness statements, but though the book appears to be meticulously researched, he buries his sources in the copious footnotes chapter.It really is a wonder these murders aren't the first thing we associate with Frank Lloyd Wright -- a testament his genius, I suppose, that when we hear his name we think of Falling Water, prairie houses and geometrical stained glass, not seven hacked and burned human beings and a ruined work of art.