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Bucolics - Maurice Manning Unpunctuated, uncomplicated little one sided conversations with the Creator (who the poet calls "Boss") -- now doesn't that just sound precisous? It isn't, really. The tone makes these poems work for me -- wry, self deprecating and full of simple wonder at the natural world.that branch made blackby the rain the silver raindrophanging from the black branchBoss I like that black branchI like that shiny raindrop Bosstell me if I’m wrong but it makesme think you’re looking rightat me now isn’t that a lark for meto think you look that wayupside down like a tree frogBoss I’m not surprised at allI wouldn’t doubt it fora minute you’re always upto something I’ll say one thingyou’re all right all right you areeven when you’re hanging BossI really enjoyed these.